NR001 - FOR THE PYRES “Hymns of Deception”

NR002 - EVIL HATRED “Rotten Decay”

NR003 - ANATOMIA “Decomposing Cadavers”

NR004 - GRAVERED “From the Putrid Grave Red”

NR005 - MECHANIST “Cross Bound”

NR006 - GUILTY VIEW “Death Raid”

NR007 - CASKET SLIME “Take a Bite”

NR008 - HOT GRAVES “Days Before Plague”

NR009 - WHARFLURCH “Shitslime”

NR010 - HOLLOWED BODY “Condemnation of the Empty Flesh”

NR011 - REPULSIVE DEATH “Cavern of Pestiferous Decay”

NR012 - LEMLASTAD OCH BEGRAVEN “Swedish Tribute Comp.”

NR013 - FOR THE PYRES “Artless”

NR014 - NIHILO “Doom”

NR015 - CARDIAC ARREST “In Rotten Retrospect”

NR016 - ANATOMIA “Human Lust/Dissected Alive”

NR017 - ???

NR018 - NOVICHOKE “Wounds”

NR019 - N-GRIND “Primitive”

NR020 - NIHILO “Resolution”

NR021 - MAUL/THORN/WHARFLURCH “Myxophobia” Split

NR022 - SEQUESTRUM “Epitome of Putridity”

NR023 - BOCC “Santa Eulalia/A La Forca”

NR024 - ASTRAL CORONER “Leaching the Ancient Void”

NR025 - VILESPAWN “Rotting Apparitions”


NR027 - COSMIC HEARSE “Exalted Terror”

NR028 - MORGUE BREATH “Postrarse Frente La Flema”

NR029 - REPUTDEATH “Slurking, Reeking, Leeching”

NR030 - MASAKRE “Crawling to Perdition”

NR031 - MASAKRE “Morbid Extinction”

NR032 - HATEFILLED “Destructive Downfall of Mankind”

NR033 - GOOD AS DEAD “Rotten & Forgotten”

NR034 - INFECTED “Demos 93+95”

NR035 - IMPENDING ROT “Chronology of Death…”


NR037 - BODYBAG "Discography 2014-2017"

NR038 - CURSE OF FLESH "Spiritual Preservation Through Self Immolation"

NR039 - VOMIT BREATH "Confession of a Necrophiliac Priest"

NR040 - HACKED APART "Squamish Grindcore & Demo 2021"

NR041 - BOCC "Dol​ca mort en els llims del Rec Comtal”

NR042 - KUSARU "Putrefaction Ritual"