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NR051: BARREN/VOMIT SPELL "Grindbox" Split CS

The first in our installment of the "Grindbox series. This package boasts a box full of searing GRIND from Belgium's BARREN and Germany's VOMIT SPELL.
While both bands are essentially deathgrind at their core, they both have a unique and different approach from one another, making for an excellent pairing.

VOMIT SPELL takes a darker, bestial approach with influences like Blasphemy or Sarcofago injected into their raw grinding madness. They offer up 4 new tracks that continue their evolution from their full-length LP. Absolutely bulldozing, wicked stuff.

BARREN continue in the tradition of their patented "Chainsaw Grind". With a prevalent affinity for all things HM2, they end up falling somewhere in the ballpark of Terrorizer playing through Entombed's gear. It's fierce and wild, and no one does the HM2 sound better.

Every tape comes inside of a beautifully laser etched tin box, perfectly sized for all kinds of delinquent goods that grinders enjoy. It also includes a fully screenprinted maltese foldout cover, a double sided 8x10 insert on an opaque clear cassette shell.

Artwork by the indomitable master of gruesome imagery, CVSPE!

Listen to each band at:
(This release is also streaming on the deathmadness YouTube channel!)