Lemlästad och Begraven - Swedish Tribute (REPRESS) CS

Lemlästad och Begraven - Swedish Tribute (REPRESS) CS

NR012 - This is the J-Card 2nd Edition Re-Press

1988-1993 was the pinnacle of Swedish death metal - period!!. So many great bands came from a few small regions in a country the size of California. Lemlästad och Begraven compilation showcases 13 current bands who, for this release, worship at the altar of HM-2 savagery. Almost an hour of music, featuring:

Soul Devourment
Putrid Tomb
Celestial Sanctuary
The Slimelord
Foul Decay
For The Pyres
Guilty View
Hollowed Body

Pro duplicated, transparent orange cassettes with orange/clear norelco cases and 4-panel high quality J-Card.